January 2022 – Flash Coaching Sale

by | Jan 2, 2022 | events, news | 0 comments

I’m really happy to announce that for the month of January only, I’m offering one-off coaching sessions – guaranteed to make your life 18% better.

I know, I know – 18% sounds gimmicky, and yes I realize we can’t exactly measure how much your life will improve. But I’m so serious about it. I’m absolutely certain that together we can create the change you need to make you feel at least 18% better.

Want to nab one? Book your session here.

We’ve been through so much. And old ways of being might not be working so well anymore. You want to feel better RIGHT NOW, and I want that for you!

You deserve to feel confident that your life is moving in a direction you want it to go.

My clients experience a greater sense of personal authority, perspective, and a sense of inner freedom. If you’ve worked with me before, you know that sometimes one session is all you need to see results. (It’s quick & not that dirty.)

Do you need help with a reset or reframe?

What we’re talking about here is transformational coaching; oriented to personal development, nurturing connection and authenticity, and becoming more of who you are.

But let’s be honest; you’re not looking for total transformation right now. Who has time for that!? You just want the way you feel on the inside to better match what your life looks like from the outside. For now, a little bit of inner work will go a long way.

Sometimes, one powerful & focused conversation is what you need for your life and values can come into greater alignment.

An ‘18% better’ session might be for you if:

  • Life isn’t going quite how you want; you need to find a turn-around
  • You want to find the shimmers and glimmers that let you know you’re on the right path – a connection you may have lost along the way
  • You crave feeling inspired, creative, and optimistic when you wake up in the morning, and feeling satisfied, content, fulfilled at the end of the day
  • You’re ready to build capacity to do what you want to do & live the life you want to be living.


Here’s how it works:

You bring your curiosity and willingness to try new things, & I’ll bring excellent questions, stellar listening skills, and perspective that draws on my doctorate in inner work and meaning-making, a longtime spiritual practice, and a lifetime of personal development.

This is a low-stakes, high-reward opportunity and I’m literally guaranteeing an 18% improvement. $55 for a 75-minute flash coaching session and if your life is no better after a month of integration, you’ll get your money back.


If you know you want this, you can grab an appointment here. If you have questions or want to check in with me first, send me an email – I’d love to chat.

And if you know someone who needs a session like this, don’t hold out on them! Please be a hero & let them know about this.