Making the most out of Virgo Season energies


The new moon was this morning, and this new month kicks off what I always think of as the end of the Summer: back-to-work & back-to-school time. And even though I’m not starting a new semester as a student or a prof, I can’t help feeling the back-to-school energy that this season carries. Are you feeling it?


It’s not a coincidence that back-to-school season is Virgo season is harvest season. Not only are we getting a fresh start in a new school year, Virgo makes this a supportive time for checklists, critique and critical thinking, putting up provisions, and getting things in order for the impending fall.


I happen to love this season – I feel so supported by the structure provided by a new calendar or a good to-do list, and the discipline that’s required by the harvest, needing to be taken care of. There’s just so much optimism in new school supplies!


Virgo season = Back-to-school season = Harvest season


And so, in the spirit of this season of checklists and service, I’ve put together a list of 6 ideas for harnessing the energies of back-to-school season, that anyone can use:

1. Put a new outfit together.


Whether you need to go shopping, or just shop your closet, make sure you have something to wear that makes you feel like you. Something you know you can put on and reliably feel put together. Assess what works by how you want to feel. Need to feel more powerful? Fun? Energetic? Calm? Put some of that energy right on your body. Bonus: use colour theory and adornments of jewellery to enhance those desired feelings.


2. Establish a movement routine.


The balance to Virgo’s quick and often restless mind is to move the body. It doesn’t matter if it’s dance, walk, strength training or lacrosse. If it helps you to put it on the calendar, then do that. Make it routine. Take the conversation out of it. And move.


3. Do something with your hands.


This is another tip for getting into the body, but has the added layer of using creative energy. Make a point of ripping lettuce into the salad bowl rather than using a knife. Get to that mending and do some hand-sewing. Meal prep a bunch of frozen meals. Exercise the craftiness that our ancestors relied on for survival. (Bonus: connect to your roots at the same time).


4. Have a difficult conversation.


And don’t hold back. Sometimes the thing that needs to be said is the thing that needs to be heard, but use discernment to know when to hold your tongue, and when to unleash it.


Truthfully, most of us need to unleash the truth more often in general, but sometimes unleash too much, inside of our most intimate relationships, including with ourselves. So say the thing, but if you can, be kind about it.


5. Put it in the calendar.


September is the ultimate time to round yourself up a new day-planner or journal (not to mention new pens, stickers, pencil case, whee!). Put what you value in the calendar to make sure it doesn’t get forgotten. As seasonal beings, we’re subject to the rhythms and cycles of the year – in that they happen for us / to us no matter what. And also, we are the agents of our experience; we get to want things, and to plan for them.


If there’s something you didn’t have time for this Summer that you might be starting to regret, put it in the calendar now for next year. Make time. That’s how Virgo planning magic works.


6. Let something go.


Virgo is observant and vigilant, with a keen eye and mind. But we needn’t be hyper-vigilant. A little bit of release might be called for.

Relax a muscle group (anyone else hold stress in their jaw, neck or hips?), dance or shake out some tension, purge your closet, reframe an old story, release an attachment (to perfectionism, perhaps?). Let it gooooooooo.


7. Resource Yourself.


Find solace within. Be your own best friend. Give yourself the best advice, the advice you want to give everyone else. Know that you can depend on yourself. Practice kindness, compassion, generosity – on YOURSELF. Visit your inner sanctuary regularly. Resource yourself with the gift of occasional silence. Retreat into your inner calm; it’s the one domain you can control.

If you’re considering starting a meditation practice, this blog post might offer the low-key motivation you need.


Have you been getting up to any of these strategies lately?

How are you harnessing the energies of the season?

Comment below – I’d love to hear!