Emily Sadowski, PhD

It’s no secret that we’re living in uncertain times. Massive changes are underway, that will require us to adapt how we live. It can be tempting to turn away from the enormity and intensity of this transformation, by getting numb or staying busy to avoid paying attention.

But turning away is not the answer. Engagement is. New ways of being are urgently needed – ways of connecting, relating, and caring for ourselves and each other.

As we work to develop transformed relationships to our experience and contexts, the world needs wise leaders who embody courage, vision, and insight.

Join me here for workshops, collaborations, and strategies for staying connected to wisdom in these uncertain times.

How we understand intuition is key to accessing it, working with it, and letting it work with us.

Let us frame intuition in a way that reflects our experience:  information is not limited by individual consciousness. What we think of as separate and binary (e.g. past-future, subject-object) are only ever contingent distinctions, engaged in a continuum.