Supporting you to trust your inner wisdom through words, workshops, and transformative practice.

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Hi! I’m Emily Sadowski, PhD (she/they)

Author * Coach * Inner Work Mentor

I partner with smart, sensitive, woo-curious seekers to become confident in trusting their intuition, so that they can be more creative, more accomplished, more connected to joy and inner wisdom.

We are living through a shift towards a more intuitive, liberated way of being in the world. As a writer, coach, and mentor, I am here for this shift.

In this time of awakening and transformation, new ways of being are urgently needed: ways of connecting, relating and caring for ourselves and each other. More than ever, the world needs wise leaders who embody courage, vision, and insight. (That’s you, BTW).

The goal of my philosophic work is to authorize and normalize intuition as a way of knowing, by unpacking the conditions that make intuition trustworthy.

I have taught university courses, published peer-reviewed articles, and presented to professional and academic conferences across North America.

You can see more about my academic career here.

Some of my publications are behind an academic paywall, so drop me a line if you’d like to read this research article about Education and Intuition or this chapter on Mother’s intuition.

Or, check out more recent articles on my blog.

What is Intuition?

My first book, What is Intuition?, is now available. It explores consciousness, self-awareness, knowledge, and connection, and offers up insight into how — and why — to develop a trustworthy relationship to intuitive experience.

I wrote it because it’s the book I wished already existed when I was a student of leadership and philosophy of education: Something that was rigorous and with depth that didn’t ignore or deny the spiritual, woo aspects of consciousness and intuition.

Book cover with calming swirling orange, yellow, grey, white and blue image reading: What is Intuition: Resonance, Connection, and Trusting Intuition on its Own Terms

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